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Suffolk Area will next meet Wednesday, Oct 7th at 8:00PM at Brentwood Presbyterian Church, at the corner of 3rd Ave & 2nd St. 

12 steps to Serenity on Thursday in Ronkonkoma will reopen on Oct. 15 2015




Secretary's Report

The Updated 2015 Secretary's Report is now available for download, please click link below for group review. Download

For meeting closures and updated information click here

Upcoming Events

Lighting the Way XIII Night of the Dinosaurs Decades of Cleantime October 10th from 7pm to 11 pm @ True North Church in Bohemia. 3 speakers, Dinner, Fellowship, Dance. $15 in advance,$20 at the door. Contact Nick S 631-965-7627 or Sherri P 631-835-6868 for ticket info. *LAST EVENT BEFORE CONVENTION*  

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